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The long-term solution for stressed New York hearts

Avicenna Cardiology is located on Park Avenue in Manhattan, New York. The clinic is led by Dr. Azadeh Beheshtian, board certified in cardiovascular disease and internal medicine by the American Board of Internal Medicine. Dr. Beheshtian specializes in interventional cardiology and peripheral artery disease, providing top-quality heart care and promoting self-preventive cardiology.

Avicenna has launched a comprehensive Remote Patient Monitoring program using the Coala Heart Monitor platform as well as blood pressure monitor to follow hearts in real-time.

Dr. Beheshtian comments, “Coala is a unique and brilliant solution for stressed New York City hearts affected by palpitations and irregular heartbeats. With the patient friendly Coala, we can now follow our patients and review diagnostic quality cardiac data as long as it’s medically necessary.”

Read more at www.nycheartandvein.com or give them a call at (347) 558 – 4094 to schedule your consultation today.