Coala introduces more advancements for the heart

Introducing the new Coala Monitoring Report – enhanced to provide physicians with a comprehensive summary of Coala generated data.

The report is customizable and can be created on-demand at any time. An ideal tool to effectively track ECG and patient-reported symptoms, to support diagnosis, and document 30-day Event or long-term RPM billing.

Coala is the ideal solution for long-term, non-invasive monitoring. It has unique capabilities to be used as a remote ECG monitor and/or as a remote stethoscope.

Simply configure the Coala remotely in the Coala Care portal to meet the individual patient needs. Ideal for RPM programs and telecardiology.

The Coala now has five audio filters uniquely developed to optimize the remote listening of heart and lung sounds.

Coala’s patented digital stethoscope is optimized to capture heart and lung sounds in the frequency range of 20-1500 Hz. The Coala Phonocardiogram aids the detection of S1 and S2 as well as murmurs.

Scale quickly and efficiently using the Coala Home Enrollment service. We now offer a broadened service for healthcare professionals that want to provide the Coala Heart Monitor in clinic without managing the patient education.

As you prescribe in the Coala Care portal, simply choose the Home Enrollment service without shipping and we will support your patients remotely to educate them and have them start taking measurements.