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Introducing Managed RPM by Coala

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is now a well-established methodology with clear benefits for patients and providers. Yet maintaining program compliance may be challenging and resource-intensive. With Managed RPM by Coala® clinics can now run RPM with minimal operational burden, while benefiting from better healthcare outcomes, patient satisfaction, and favorable revenues.

Managed RPM by Coala® is a new turn-key solution offered in partnership with Quantify MRPM, a US healthcare solution provider and billing company.

The Managed RPM team will take care of the entire process from end-to-end including to provide relevant devices, connecting and troubleshooting patients, monitoring data, weekly and CMS required interactive communication and patient compliance, monthly reporting back into your EMR, and billing on behalf of the provider.

The provider continues to be responsible for the care of the patients and will be alerted based on agreed variables.

The clinic will be reimbursed a variable fee for work performed per active patient and month. No upfront fees and a financial risk-free solution.

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