Coala Life launches first direct-to-patient telecardiology service

Coala Connect Rx service enables patients to virtually be prescribed a Coala Heart Monitor. The service is covered by most US healthcare plans and offered in partnership with US cardiologists.

Irvine, CA, December 9, 2020 / PRN – Coala Life, the award-winning Swedish innovator of real-time remote cardiac monitoring solutions announces the launch of Coala Connect Rx. This new

service is offered in the US via an online prescription process in partnership with leading cardiologists.

Following a telemedicine-based prescription, a Coala Heart Monitor is shipped directly to the patients’ home, and patient education is provided. Based on the monitoring plan, patient recordings may be monitored 24/7 by cardiac technicians. A comprehensive report will be provided to the patient on completion of service.

The Coala Heart Monitor is a patch-free, smartphone-powered ECG monitor that provides diagnostic quality and real-time detection of the most common cardiac arrhythmias. Data is presented simultaneously to patient and prescribing provider. The Coala is ideal for longer-term monitoring of irregular heartbeats or cardiac issues post-Covid-19 from home.

“This new prescription service enables any eligible person in the US to quickly access a Coala, covered by major insurance plans. Ideal for people in rural communities or those who want to avoid in person appointments. We are helping to provide telecardiology services to every US home – with a minimal out-of-pocket expense.”, comments Philip Siberg, co-founder of Coala Life.

Thousands of patients have used the Coala Heart Monitor to monitor the heart from home. Research studies have shown that patients found the Coala easy to use and increased their feeling of security. 

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Philip Siberg, President and Co-founder, +1 949 590 7195,

Dan Pitulia, CEO Coala Life AB, +46 70 972 08 38,

About Coala Life:

Coala Life is a Swedish digital health venture focused on cardiac diagnostics and digital health. The company has developed a portfolio of patented CE- and FDA-cleared medical products and services for user-centered digital remote monitoring and analysis of the heart based on advanced and smart algorithms. Coala’s solutions enable analysis, remote monitoring, more effective cardiac assessments and integrated care services, all in real-time. Coala Life has raised in excess of USD 25 million and was named as one of five global Cool Vendors by Gartner Group and recognized as of the 100 Global Leaders in Digital Health by the Journal of mHealth. Follow your Heart®. For more information see