Empowering the patient

Patch-free ECG monitor prescribed by your physician

COALA is an award-winning medical device designed with a patient-first approach with instant analysis and results. No sticky ECG electrodes, itchy patches or wires.

It’s the only prescription solution for patients with palpitations and intermittent symptoms of possible heart arrhythmias – that is smartphone driven.

COALA is FDA-cleared and has been used by thousands of patients and hundreds of healthcare providers in Europe.

Coala Connect Rx direct-to-patient

Now available as a virtual prescription service

The Coala Heart Monitor is now offered as a direct-to-patient prescription across the US. Simply complete form below to be connected with a telemedicine physician

A brief telemedicine visit will be scheduled and if you are eligible, a Coala will be prescribed and shipped directly to you. Covered by most payors.

Here’s how Coala Connect Rx virtual prescription works

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    Patient registers for a Coala Connect Rx on Coalalife.com/rx

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    A Coala is shipped

    A physician connects via a telemedicine call. If eligible, a Coala is shipped to patient's home.

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    Patient uses Coala

    Patient uses Coala as instructed. Depending on plan, data may be monitored 24/71.

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    Receive reports

    Physician bills the patient’s insurance. Patient responsible for co-pay.

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    Return Coala

    When finished, the Coala is returned in prepaid envelope.

Easy and accessible

How does COALA work?

Connect via Bluetooth to your smartphone (iOS and Android compatible) and simply hold COALA gently to your chest for 30 seconds to capture ECG and heart sounds, followed by a 30 second thumb-ECG recording.

Smart algorithms analyze your recordings instantly to help detect if you have harmless palpitations or Atrial Fibrillation that may need further treatment. Results are available within seconds in the Coala app and to the healthcare provider in the Coala Care portal.

Coala Heart Monitor
- An introduction

video image

How to perform an ECG chest recording

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How to perform an ECG thumb recording

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Real-time connection between patient and clinician

Patients who use COALA love the experience, ease and comfort of immediate response. It’s often prescribed to patients with palpitations, who might have been alarmed by their consumer monitors, or for long term monitoring in daily life.

The COALA is proven to be 300% more accurate than standard 1-lead ECG solutions, typically used in watches and other portable ECG’s. For more information, see here.

Clinically proven to improve quality of life

The Coala was used in the groundbreaking RedHeart Study which was run by Karolinska Institute (Stockholm, Sweden) and included nearly 1,000 women and over 280,000 ECG recordings in everyday life. This study showed an increase in quality of life in women with palpitations, because of the instant results that helped reduce symptoms, anxiety and depression. For more information, see here.

Equal care for all

Affordable and without surprising bills

The Coala Heart Monitor is a prescription-only monitoring solution for use in your daily life. Patch-free, real-time and with instant response to your smartphone.

In contrast to many other cardiac monitoring solutions on the market, you will not be billed by a separate monitoring center or any other company. Your provider will simply charge you for your co-pay, so no surprising bills. Coala was developed to be affordable and available to everyone, independent of where you live.

To help diagnose your heart

Used daily by thousands of patients

The COALA enables you to follow your heart in everyday life and capture episodes of palpitations. It can be prescribed for short- or long-term use.

COALA is a unique medical innovation based on more than 10 years of R&D, with more than 30 patents and over 15 industry awards.

The mission of Coala Life is to help win the battle against heart diseases - the leading cause of death in the US.

Meet the patients

My Coala helps me feel calm, it gives me a sense of security and control. I think it's simply amazing!

Alexandra Charles von Hofsten, Founder of the 1.6 & 2.6 million club

I always have my Coala with me. With the Coala I can keep track of my heart and feel safe. We need to talk more about atrial fibrillation.

Henrik Eriksson
Winner of Vasaloppet, the world's largest cross-country ski race

I am absolutely sure that if I would have had the Coala earlier, the lead time from my first arrhythmias, to worries and finally getting a diagnosis would have been so much quicker. Coala has meant so much for my wellbeing and comfort.

Christine Granvik, Coala-user


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