RPM solutions loved by patients and providers

COALA and the Coala Care portal create an ideal Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) platform. Full suite of functionality including on-demand reports and timers. The COALA App can also be used to collect concurrent Blood Pressure and weight data.

Successful RPM programs are a function of good patient compliance. The COALA has been proven in studies to have high patient compliance and satisfaction over longer periods of time.

Run-It-Yourself or fully Managed RPM

The Coala RPM solution can be used as a standalone platform for remotely monitoring patients using the Coala Heart Monitor and other medical devices. Ideal for clinics that want to manage the RPM program with internal resources.

Coala also offers fully managed remote patient monitoring solutions in partnership with leading US healthcare service providers. Managed RPM by Coala is ideal for clinics that have limited resources or simply do not want to take on the operational burden and stay up to date with all RPM compliance.

Managed RPM by Coala®

Compliant RPM without operational burden

Managed RPM by Coala® is a unique solution for clinics that want to run RPM with minimal operational burden. A smooth and risk-free solution for RPM and Chronic Care offered in partnership with a US healthcare solution provider and billing company.

In the Managed RPM model, the provider is responsible for patient recruitment and standard care of patients. The Managed RPM team covers patient devices, hook-up, daily review of data, interactive communication with patient, securing RPM compliance and billing on behalf of the provider.

Managed RPM by Coala®

A risk-free business model

Managed RPM by Coala® is offered as a risk-free business model where the provider is paid a fixed monthly fee per compliant patient. No upfront fees, no separate costs for devices and full control of CMS requirements for Remote Patient Monitoring programs.

Coala’s RPM services enable the implementation of large-scale RPM programs with minimal disturbance of the clinic’s standard operations.

Clinically proven to improve quality of life

The Coala was used in the groundbreaking RedHeart Study which was run by Karolinska Institute (Stockholm, Sweden) and included nearly 1,000 women and over 280,000 ECG recordings in everyday life over 2 months.

This study showed an increase in quality of life in women with palpitations, because of the instant results that helped reduce symptoms, anxiety and depression. For more information, see here.

COALA is a unique medical innovation based on more than 10 years of R&D, with more than 30 patents and over 15 industry awards.

The long-term cardiac monitoring solution

COALA is an award-winning medical device designed with a patient-first approach with instant analysis and results. No sticky ECG electrodes, itchy patches or wires.

It’s the only prescription solution for patients with palpitations and intermittent symptoms of possible heart arrhythmias – that is smartphone driven.

COALA is FDA-cleared and has been used by thousands of patients and hundreds of healthcare providers in Europe. Today, more than 350 clinics and in excess of 1,000 physicians are connected to the Coala Care portal.

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